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aKEY v1.35 - registration key system

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aKEY is a registration key system which uses public-key cryptography to produce a signature protecting the registration information (much like signing a message in PGP or GnuPG). This means that it is not practically possible to change the information or to create a valid key, even given another.

Most users who choose to use a program illegally will prefer using a key-maker to using a cracked version. This is because a key will ensure that the program works as a legally registered version -- with a cracked version you can never know what happens.

Many software developers attempt to protect a weak registration key system using strong anti-debugging. But no amount of anti-debugging will ever keep out professionals -- just look at the amount of decrypters for supposedly secure protection systems.

From my experience it is far better to use a good key-system which will protect from key-generators. Anti-debugging can still be a good way of keeping a lot of people from looking at the code, but it should not be the last line of defence.

Most registration key/code systems rely on obscurity to protect the algorithm used to create the keys. Public-key cryptography is a better choice as it makes it computationally infeasible to break the key generation system, even knowing the algorithm.

aKEY was developed with three main concerns -- security, flexibility and ease-of-use:


You can get a demo of the latest version of aKEY on the download page.


Registration of aKEY is currently unavailable.


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