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2014.07.21 aPLib v1.1.1 - compression library
Compression library based on the algorithm used in aPACK. Includes both 32-bit and 64-bit libraries, and source code for decompression in C and asm.
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2002.08.29 aKEY v1.35 - registration key system
Registration key system which uses public-key cryptography to produce a signature protecting the registration information. This is a demo version.
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2012.11.12 aPACK v1.00 - DOS 16-bit executable compressor
16-bit DOS executable compressor. aPACK compresses the file while keeping it executable. aPACK uses advanced compression heuristics and tricks to achieve the best compression ratio. aPACK has ranked as one of the best 16-bit DOS executable packers for years.
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2018.10.26 BriefLZ 1.2.0 - small fast Lempel-Ziv
BriefLZ is a small and fast open source implementation of a Lempel-Ziv style compression algorithm. The main focus is on speed and code footprint, but the ratios achieved are quite good compared to similar algorithms.
source @ GitHub open source
2019.01.11 tinf 1.2.0 - tiny inflate library
tinf is a small library implementing the decompression algorithm for the deflate compressed data format (called 'inflate'). Deflate compression is used in e.g. zlib, gzip, zip, and png.
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2012.11.12 aPackage v1.15 - tiny sfx archiver
aPackage is a simple sfx archiver for Windows, developed as an alternative to the well-known archive formats (zip, rar). aPackage uses the aPLib compression library to produce tight self-extracting archives while maintaining a small stub size and fast extraction speed.
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2013.05.03 apatch v1.11.40 - simple byte-patch generator
A simple byte-patch generator. Can create fast multi-file patches with search/replace from simple scripts, with optional backup creation and CRC checking. Output is a Win32 GUI executable.
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2012.11.12 snip v1.15 - file cutter
A little utility to cut out parts of a file and save them as binary data or C / asm includable data. File offsets can be given in dec, hex or oct. C-source included.
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2011.09.20 WCRT v1.16.104 - Win32API CRT
WCRT is a small C runtime library for Visual C++, which implements parts of its functionality through calls to the Win32API. It is meant as a replacement for the Visual C runtime library (libc.lib) when creating small statically linked executables.
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