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Welcome to Ibsen Software!

The main product available here is the aPLib compression library, which I started working on back in 1997 as a part of my 16-bit executable compressor aPACK. Since it's first public release in 1998 it has ranged as one of the best pure LZ-based compression libraries available.

Other products include the aKEY registration key system, the aPACK executable compressors, and various utilities and libraries mainly targeted at software developers.

The common focus of my software is the production of small, simple and efficient solutions. This is also the reason why most of the software is written in C/C++ and assembly language.

Most of the programs are either freeware or open source.



2015.09.05 BriefLZ 1.1.0 released
2014.07.21 aPLib v1.1.1 released
2014.01.25 aPLib v1.1.0 released
2012.11.12 aPackage and apatch open source - I have updated these old projects to compile with current Visual C++ and FASM, and made the source available for anyone interested (be warned, most of the code was written more than a decade ago).
2011.09.20 WCRT v1.16 released - With support for 64-bit applications (AMD64).


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